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To provide financial assistance and academic scholarships to

the families of Rhode Island’s active duty police and firefighters.

The 100 Club of Rhode Island is a group of like-minded citizens committed to supporting the families of those active duty police and firefighters who serve our communities selflessly throughout the year. Our core financial aid responsibility is a benefit paid to the families of first responders whose lives are lost in service to their communities. We are also able to provide scholarships and other financial assistance due to the ongoing generosity of our membership.

Within 24 to 48 hours after notification of a fallen police officer, firefighter and rescue personnel in the line of duty, a representative of the 100 Club visits the surviving spouse accompanied by the superintendent, commissioner or chief of the line organization to which the officer, firefighter or rescue personnel belonged. During the initial visit, the widow or widower is presented with a check for $25,000 for immediate cash needs.  In addition to the $25,000 benefit to the family, the 100 Club may provide extensive educational assistance in the form of a scholarship(s) in accordance with our scholarship criteria (see the scholarship page for details).


The successful operation of the 100 Club is the result of the efforts of its members who are pleased to contribute

their expertise and professional know-how to any situation that arise.  The members of the 100 Club receive no compensation for their efforts except the knowledge they helped the most deserving families of police, firefighters and rescue personnel in Rhode Island.

The 100 Club is a 503C Non-profit Corporation.

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