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The 100 Club of Rhode Island

The 100 Club of Rhode Island is a group of almost 1,000 Rhode Islanders who share a common purpose; to support our first-responders as they face the daily dangers of their work. We come from all walks of life; from secretaries to corporate executives, active-duty and retired first-responders, and military servicemen and women. Our prime directive is to provide financial assistance to families facing their single worst day, but we also provide scholarships for the children of first responders as they navigate their own futures, and financial assistance to local fire and police departments for programs, services, and equipment.

Joining is easy. Regular membership is $100 per year, and if you are an active-duty or retired first responder, you can join us for $50 per year. There's also the option of becoming a lifetime member. See the membership tab for more information.

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